land alive at evermore gallery

I am excited to invite you to my first solo exhibition in Boise at Evermore Gallery (780 W Main Street) from March 7-29. Please join me for the opening reception on First Thursday, March 7, from 5-9 pm. Land Alive is a collection of abstract landscape collages I created over the last two years that document how I see and experience nature. I hope you can stop by to see the new pieces I've been working on! Artist Statement Land Alive reveals the transformative qualities of nature, specifically the rich contours and textures of the mountains, and the constant changes they undergo. Lorelle's creative process strives to integrate the spontaneity of the natural world and is based on her exper

mountain mini series

I began this series of small 5" x 5" studies in September as a one-a-day practice with the hopes of achieving more focus and diligence in the studio to prepare for my show at Evermore Prints this spring. My initial goal was to create 25 of them, but I found so much freedom and excitement in the process, I continued to create more and set a new goal of making 50! Those of you who have been following my progress on Instagram are aware that I sold the first rendition of Minis earlier this month to corporate client, so I was forced to start over. Not a bad problem to have! See below for the installation shot in the office. If you are reading this, you are invited to come see the newest 50+ Mi


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