BOSCO 2017

I am excited to report that I was accepted as a member of Boise Open Studios (BOSCO), which is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the visual arts in Boise. BOSCO hosts a number of events throughout the community, namely the open studio tours which are held during the second weekend of October every year. Each member opens their studio to the public, giving them the opportunity to converse with the artists and watch them work. It's especially exciting because the members' studios are spread out throughout the Treasure Valley instead of being in one centralized location. I visited several studios last year, and I really enjoyed engaging with the artists and getting to know the ar

alefort 2017

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate with the Swell Artist Collective in the Alefort Art Show which was part of Treefort 2017, a five day indie rock festival in downtown Boise. The collage briefly touches on the origins of beer and methods of production. My favorite part of this piece is the close up of the golden bubbly beverage that I used for color and texture in the background. The black and white drawing of hops is pretty cool too. It's title is Beer Belongs... Enjoy It! after an old advertisement I found in Life Magazine from 1947. This well-known ad campaign was created by the United States Brewers Foundation and ran from 1945-1956 (Brooks). Prints of this beer themed


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