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vinyl wall mural

A couple of months ago, a representative from an architectural firm in Seattle reached out to me and requested the rights to reproduce one of my collages for a new tech office in Boise.

Later, I learned that not only did they want to reproduce my image, but they wanted to enlarge two different sections of it and print it on vinyl wall covering–- one to 14’ wide and the other to 11’ wide. The original piece was only 20” x 16” so I was skeptical that this type of enlargement was even possible without an extensive loss of resolution. My other concern was that the piece sold last year, and I never captured a high-resolution image of it before sending it off. Luckily, my kind, supportive collector, who lives in DC, took it in for a high res scan and emailed me the images.

The enlargements were successful and were installed in the break room and Xbox room in the new office. The fact that they have an Xbox room continues to amuse me! The firm hired Blueprint Specialties Co, who did a great job formatting, printing, and installing the artwork. Check out the photos below!

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