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nursery commission

Recently, I received an exciting project to create two small commissions for a newborn nursery. The lovely couple who commissioned me had so many special pieces in the baby's room, including a hand painted cabinet, handcrafted quilt, and many other family heirlooms and handmade goods. Some of those precious items are pictured below to give you an idea of the inspiration that guided the artwork. My goal was to create happy, whimsical pieces using their color palette that would compliment these special items. The artwork is small, 6" x 6" each and gallery wrapped, meaning the imagery continues onto all four sides of the panel. This creates a finished look and does not require any framing. I used recycled wallpaper, cut colored card stock, and found paper to create this commission.

Another note I would like to add-- the couple did not learn the baby's sex beforehand, so the collages had to be gender neutral! This was a challenging project, but it was so very rewarding! Now that the nursery is complete and the artwork is hung, the couple patiently awaits the arrival of their first baby!

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