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we made it!

Well, my friends, we safely arrived in Boise last month, and my head is spinning trying to figure out the next step in my career. It took us several days to get here from Virginia, driving a 26-foot moving truck, weighing in at roughly 25,000 pounds. That big boy wouldn’t exceed 65 mph on the interstate! For the first few weeks, Kyle and I focused on exploring our new home and even traveled to Montana, Wyoming, and beyond to experience this beautiful landscape we are now immersed in. I was immediately astonished by how dry it is out here and the number of wild fires that occur each summer. The smell of smoke is constantly in the air, but the skies are the bluest I've ever seen. The city of Boise is a beautiful, creative place and has much to offer in regards to the visual arts. I am excited to explore Boise’s art scene and the surrounding areas during my time here. Now, Kyle is off to work in Montana, and I am contemplating what this move will mean for me.

As summer winds down and a new season begins, I want to wish everyone the best for a happy, productive fall. I miss you, friends and family on the east coast, more than you know!

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